Joe's Railfanning in the Southeast Hotspots
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Tips for Railfanning Safely
Railfan Platforms and Gazebo's
in the Southeast
Non Railfan Platform Good
Photo Locations
A west bound CSX freight departs
Manchester Ga June 2009.
A South bound CSX double stack
arrives in Manchester Ga. June 2009 for a crew change
A East bound Norfolk Southern hot
shot freight blasts through Bremen
Ga. in June 2009 on its journey to
Atlanta Georgia.
A Norfolk Southern coal unit train
waits for its crew at Cedartown GA.
in June 2009.
Tennessee Valley Railroad Loco 610 on a Summerville,
GA. excursion in 2007.
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museums locomotive 610 at
Rock Springs GA in June 2008.
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Locomotive 610 highballs thru crossing with October
excursion to Summerville.
Locomotive 610 highballs thru Laffayette Ga with a fall
Excursion to Summerville on the C&C railroad.
Locomotive 610 Highballs thru Chickamauga Ga on a fall
excursion to Summerville on the C&C Railroad.

Folkston, GA,      Ringgold GA      Manchester, GA   

Irondale AL     Dalton GA

If you know of any other rail platforms that we haven't
listed here please send them to us and we will be glad to
include them on this site for all to enjoy.
map to go on your journey for the perfect scenic shot or
the perfect place to do some railfanning.These places are
the best for viewing maps online or getting them into your
Some state agencies will send a map to you for no charge.
Always check the website of the railroad to make sure that
they permit photos to be taken and from where as some
railroads have more lenient policies than others.

Do not videotape or photograph within 60 Ft of the
nearest track to you.

Stay on public right of ways or on sidewalks owned by the

Never enter onto railroad property or right of ways, not
only is it
dangerous but it is trespassing and all railroads
will prosecute trespassers when caught.

Never try to railfan from any rail structures such as
bridges, towers, signals.

Never try to railfan from freight cars, locomotives etc.
Always be aware of your surroundings and plan a safe exit
should the need suddenly arise.

If approached by Local, state, federal or railroad
authorities be polite and co-operative with them and
follow any requests that they have for you.

Some towns are building or have built a gazebo or
platform to provide a safe place to shoot video or to
photograph trains from, most of which include a scanner,
lights and electricity use these whenever possible.
CSX mainline as seen from Fort Hill park Montgomery AL