Joe's Railfanning Privacy Policy
By submitting your information to us you agree to receive an occasional email from our company announcing new products, services etc.
All information submitted to J&M Specialties, or it's divisions J&M Hobbies/leather, Joe's Railfanning by our Customers, Wholesalers, Affiliates
or Affiliates Referrals is considered to be private and confidential and the exclusive property of the person or persons submitting the information.

As such J&M Specialties encrypts all this information and does not and will not release, rent, or sell any of this information to any person, organization,
or agency private or government unless approved by the owner of that information in writing.

A Notarized Release form sent to us via Certified Registered Mail by the owner of that information directing us to release his or her personal information
to a specific person or agency is the only way this information will be released.   
No Exceptions!!!

However you may opt out at any time from the email list by sending us an email with the subject opt out and your email address and we will remove you instantly.

Joe's Railfanning Payment Policy
Joe's Railfanning takes pride in producing quality products, from DVD's to clocks, and we know you expect the best.  

We appreciate all our patrons, and in doing so, we accept the payment for products on our website
only through PayPal using the "Buy Now"
buttons in the page.  PayPal™ processes Visa™, MasterCard™, American Express™, Discover™ Card, e-checks, and PayPal™ accounts
online. Receipts are sent by way of e-mail directly to your e-mail attached or supplied to PayPal™.   

We accept Cash, PayPal™, and Credit/Debit/Check Cards (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover) on-site at train shows and other
markets where we are vendors.  A receipt for the purchase is sent by way of e-mail if a purchase is done with credit/check cards.  

To be perfectly clear,
We DO NOT accept the following payments:
Any Checks/Money Orders/Cashier's Checks made out for more than the purchase price.
Other branded credit cards (This would include store label private credit cards and cards not processed by PayPal™).

We appreciate your business and hope you will continue to trust Joe's Railfanning.

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