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Joe Navratil
Joe Navratil is the principal owner of J&M Specialties.  He is  the original webmaster of all our  sites, and creator of all our screen-savers which is
now part of Joes' Railfanning.  He also works on the leather goods, clocks, photographs and of course railfanning.

He is originally from New England, where his Grandpa got him interested in trains at the tender age of 4. He has been chasing and photographing real
trains, as well as, being a model railroader for over half a century.

He has assisted "Grandpa Joe" Navratil, his dad, with videography of railroads in Ma, NH, ME, RI, NY, NJ, AL, TN, GA, FL, and CO.
Joe Navratil, Sr.
Joe Navratil, Sr. is a resident of Hartselle, AL and a lifelong rail fan.  He founded Oola-Boola Productions in 1985 which produced the video
presentation of the excursion of Southern Railway's (now Norfolk Southern Corporation) locomotive 4501 (painted in Southern Crescent Green at the
time) as she made her way from Downtown Huntsville, AL to  the Chattanooga Choo-Choo in Downtown Chattanooga, TN and back to the Historic
Huntsville Depot.

"Grandpa Joe" is retired from Goodyear and still hears the horns of diesel engines as they make their way through the city of Hartselle and still longs
to chase them.

Unfortunately Joe Sr. has now passed away but will forever be remembered for all the good times we all had together before his passing. RIP Dad
Carolyn Navratil
Carolyn Navratil is the photographer of many of the shots used in the screensavers made by J&M Specialties, having shot photos of many miles of
railways for over 20 years.

She was born in Leeds, AL and raised in North Alabama for the majority of her life.

She married Joe Navratil in 1986 and spent time in Massachusetts and New England.

She is also a graduate of Snead State Community College and Northeast Alabama State Community College.

Carolyn is also attempting to model the Great Northern Railway from the 1950's and has collected a large amount of rolling stock and locomotives in N
About the People of Joe's Railfanning
James Barcus
James Barcus, owner of Barcus Multimedia, is the video producer, camera, and editor for most of Joe's Railfanning videos.

He was born in Scottsboro, Alabama in 1977 and is currently single and living at home.

He has attended several colleges and pursued education in weather forecasting as well as video productions.  He interned at WJXS-TV in 2005, and
wrote for college papers.  He even did a DJ slot at WLJS-FM in the Fall 2005, and some freelance work at WMSV-FM in 2015.  

James also creates and edits almost all of the graphics and assorted content used on our website.