Custom Clocks by Joe & Carol
Custom clocks for Joe's Railfanning

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All Images copyright by  the owners of the photographs and may not be used in anyway
without the express written permission from the copyright owner.
All Railroad names, symbols, and likeness are copyrighted their respective owners.

All of J&C's clocks are individually custom made using pictures taken by either our photographers or pictures we have bought a  
license from the photographer to use.

1) CD Rom sized clocks with 1/8" Birch Dials.                      (5" in Diameter)

2) Square wooden plaque clocks.                                           (6.75" x 6.75" x .75")

Clocks on Plaques with hooks for hanging keys or memos.   ( 8.5" x 11.75" x .75)

Desk sets with Clock and picture frame for your own 5x7 picture.

CD sized clocks and Square wooden clocks come with a Acrylic Stand for table or  mantle display

Images on actual clocks are of much better quality than represented here.

We are constantly adding clocks so please check back often to see whats new.

Click on images for a larger image of the clock

Our clocks come fully assembled and ready to mount on the wall or display on Mantel etc.

J&C uses Q-80 Quartz Movements made in the USA, that have a ten year warranty.

Movements are accurate to +/- one second per day.

Built in molded hanger holds up to 4 lbs. for hanging on a wall.

Hour & Minute hands are polished Brass or black painted, not plastic.

Second sweep hand is Steel painted red, not plastic.

1-AA size battery included so clocks will run hundreds of hours.

We use Southern Pine, Sugar pine, Spruce, or Birch in the production of our plaques and desk sets.
Clock Features
Clock Prices
CD_Rom Clocks
CD_Rom sized clocks on 1/8 Birch Dials
Square Wood Clocks with picture
Plaque Clocks with picture and hooks for hanging keys
Birch Plaque Clocks with picture and Hooks for hanging
Manchester Georgia Birch Clock
with 2  hooks for your keys
Albertville Alabama Depot Birch
Clock with 2 hooks for your keys
Bridgeport AL Depot Birch clock
with 2 hooks for your keys.
Guntersville Alabama Depot birch
clock with 2 hooks for your keys.
Stevenson Alabama Depot Birch
clock with 2 hooks for your keys.
Hartselle Alabama Depot Birch
Clock with 2 hooks for your keys.
with key hooks.