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Limited time only !! Special offer price of $19.95 for custom screensavers from your pictures !! Regularly $39.95 with FREE shipping a savings of $26.75 

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Welcome to Joe & Carols Custom Screensaver Service.         Screensavers custom made from your pictures!

Got pictures of your summer vacation?

Or Pictures of your Grandkids?

Graduation Pictures of your kids?

Pictures of your favorite hobbies?

Would you like a screensaver made for your computer out of them?

Joe & Carol has the answer for you!
Now you can save your pictures into a screensaver that is functional and just plain fun to watch at times (especially when you start thinking of those memories)

For only $19.95, you get:

1) Scanning and enhancement (if needed) of your images

2) The creation of your screensaver with your choice of transition effects (and text, if desired)

3) Your screensaver "burned" onto a CD-ROM

4) Custom CD label, back insert, and front insert with a standard CD Jewel Case

5) Return of your pictures and/or picture CD along with the completed CD-ROM of your custom screensaver, sent first class mail insured.

6) Complete input throughout the process.

7) Complete satisfaction.

If you want additional copies at the same time you want your screensaver to give to family and friends, it's only an additional $4.00 per copy.

For a limited time: If your pictures are on a CD already, you can take a savings of
$5.00 off of the regular price of the first CD-ROM

All you have to do is the following:

1.) Get your snapshots and pictures or Picture CD (JPEG or TIFF Formats will work) together.
(Sorry, We can not reproduce or incorporate professional photographs into the screensaver without a copyright permission waiver from the studio that produced the pictures.
If you have the waiver, make a copy of it and enclose it along with the pictures for our filing.) Note: We will not reproduce or incorporate adult-oriented, lewd, or pornographic
images. They will be returned to the sender without further processing.

2.) Write the brief description on a separate sheet of paper and enclose the pictures or picture CD (with waiver if you have one), the description, and a check or money order
(unless you paid through PayPal) in a padded envelope and send it to:

Joe & Carol Navratil
Attn: Custom Screensavers
P.O. Box 613
Roanoke, AL 36274-0613

3.) Be sure to include the instruction "Do not fold or bend." on the label. This should prevent damage.

Note: When you send your pictures by way of a parcel service or postal service, it is a good idea to insure it. (Just in case.)

Now, to let you know if your computer can handle the Screensaver, here are the system requirements:
Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4.0, Millenium Edition, and/or XP (sorry, at this time, we do not offer a Macintosh/MAC version)
486SX or Higher Processor (Pentium processor or higher recommended)
SVGA Monitor with 256 colors or better (True Color 32Bit is recommended)
20 MB of free RAM Space.
20 MB of Free Hard Disk Drive Space.
a CD-ROM Drive is required

For an informational brochure,
e-mail us  with your name and E-mail address and we will rush one to you.

If you don't have a computer, Write to us at the address above and we will send it to you with no further obligation or hassle.

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